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Happy Thanksgiving!!


For sure from now on I want to celebrate Thanksgiving in Portugal or wherever I'll be. It was definitily a memorable holiday and very special too. I was with the best friends, with great food, great company, met amazing american people and of course I had a chance to experience the original american thanksgiving overthere. I couldn't ask for more.

The celebrations started on the previous day in the class when Dana, our teacher cooked some traditional things for us and actually it was really good. She made pumpkin bread (which is amazing!!!! and made with the pumpkins from Halloween, did you know that?) and also brought cranberry sauce. She was soo sweat!!! We had a really funny class at 8.30am. After my class I put myself on my way back to Manhattan for my internship at Micky London, the last day before the holidays!! Yeah!! =) Because we had few days-off from school!! Even it was just 4 days, it's always 4 days to have fun and discover more stuff to do in the city!!

After my day at the office we had at the campus a special Thanksgiving dinner all prepared from Samantha and Mike (EF Activities Coordinators) friends' and had an amazing sharing night and we had so much fun at it. After sharing with everone who we are, where we came from, we did what they use to do every year (american tradition) which is at the dinner we all said what we were thankfull for. And sharing this was very special and it meant a lot to me cause I had the chance to share and to tell everyone how happy I was at that moment!! Just to remembering it I get happy, amazed and rapt!! =)

After having so much fun this day, I was so thrilled about the next day!! I was expecting this day for so long... Because we all have seen every year on TV, the famous Macy's 2010 Thanksgiving Parade!!!!!

Next morning we all woke up sooo early to take the train to go to Manhattan to have really good spots at the parade. When we got there at (I don't know... but maybe)8.00am all of the avenues and streets were sooo crowded that we had some difficults to get in the front row!! But we did it and it was amazing to have this experience even freezing because it was sooo cold... You really can't imagine how cold it was on that day even because there was rain to come.

Fortunately, it didn't rain at the parade which was really good cause it would ruin everything. But otherwise, I got frozen at the 4 hours of the parade... Oh god! I was in a point that I couldn't feel anything, my hands, my legs, my feet... even with gloves, scarves, full of clothes!! rrrrrr...

But one thing I am sure: IT WAS INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!! So many famous people, ginormous ballons, music, dances, funny people, happiness and well everything that you can imagine of it. I still can feel all of that energy and adrenalin!!! =)

After all those hours standing and cold (when I mean cold it was 0ºC!!) I was indeed needing a hot Starbucks coffee and some food from Subway - actually it's really good. I ate there for the first time with when my parents visited me back in October in Tarrytown and definitely became a fan; it's cheap, big and good sandwiches!.

And then, what we were expecting started... RAIN!!! And a lot to do on that day was about to come. After my sweet lunch I went to meet some other friends, Paula, malin and Helene at the train station (Grand Central Terminal) in Manhattan cause we wanted to go Downtown and Brooklyn.

On our way we got lost on the lines of the subway and had to walk a little bit 'till the pier under the Brooklyn Bridge. When we got there I couldn't how big and beautiful was that! And when you have great friends with you to share it, it's even better!!

After visiting the famous pier with all of those lights in the end of the evening with a beautiful view to the river, we crossed Brooklyn Bridge to the even better park and restaurants in Brooklyn with the magnificient view to Manhattan island!

With all that rain that we got at face we just wanted to go somewhere and eat something delicious and caloric like... pizza!! We an amazing fat pizza at the 42nd street next to Grand Central. We wanted to ice skating after dinner but with rain everything was wet and impossible to skate. So we just hanging out for a few more hours before the BIG NIGHT!!!

And by BIG NIGHT, I mean Black Friday!!! YYYEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!

I think I have thousands of pictures from the parade but I'll try to post just a few! =) They're all amazing and... everything is big on it!

I'll do a new post with the pictures guys, but I'll leave you a sneak-peek!



The city that never sleeps...on my own Photos

 Next post, I'll tell you everything about it, all you wanna know!


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