segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011

My dear, sweet and lovely New York...


It has been one year since we met. One year!! Can you believe it!! The time flew! A lot has happen from finding new best friends that I will share forever this chapter with, new places that I can't forget and much more that I never thought once I would call it home.

A place where I can feel comfortable, confident, happy... well, just staying myself, be who I really am, falling in love with you and somewhere where I just found in myself the person that is inside of me. My mum is always telling me that all of this passion and strong feelings are all her fault but I don't see that way. I understand that as a way of inspiration that I take from her, of a dream that we both have and this year had the chance to live it!

From the beginning we create bonds for life which we know it will last forever!

One thing for sure, you never broke my heart or ever disappointed me and you were just like my expectations. In all of these 3 months I never wanted to leave you behind and never wanted to think how it would been the day that we would move forward in our own ways, that we would follow different paths.

And when that moment arrived between us it was like an arrow in my heart to separate us.

It was sooo hard to say goodbye... It was some though weeks after. It still is...

But now, I'm a much stronger woman capable to leave to any adventure in almost any countries! You taught me so much about life that I thank you from the deepest of my heart.
Now, I'm trying to live my life back here and you're there. Even with all of the news and pictures, and TV shows and movies, it's hard, but I'm dealing with it. With that feeling of taking the first flight back to your arms.

I'm moving on with my life as well as you did.

I hope and wish we can meet again sooner or later if only for a few days or longer, but we will!

Wish to you the best as I wish for me in my new life here.

Hey you!, on the other side of the ocean, I love you but it's time for me to let you go!

With lots of love,


P.S: Thank you all who follow all of this memorable chapter of my life! Love y'all.

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love nyc

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nice blog cutie!


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ohh nyc, never let's you down <3


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beautiful photo and lovely text! :-)